Used Electric Guitars

All used inventory are available for in-store pickup only and are not for purchase online.  Give us a call at (616)532-3473 or email for more information.

2021-04-01 14.07.09.jpg

Fender Noventa Telecaster

Was only owned for a few weeks.  In perfect condition.

2021-03-23 18.16.42.jpg

Fender American Deluxe Strat HSS

In excellent condition and one heck of a guitar.  You will love this neck!

2021-02-17 14.43.33.jpg

D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic Electric w/ Hardcase

In excellent condition and plays terrific.  Hardcase included.

2021-02-05 15.55.23.jpg

Fender Player Strat HSH Slick Silver

In excellent condition and could easily pass as new.  Great guitar!

photo jan 05, 7 37 42 pm.jpg

PRS S2 Custom 24 w/ PRS Bag​

In great condition and plays terrific. Upgraded to Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickups.

2020-10-05 19.10.19.jpg

PRS 594 McCarty Singlecut P90 Core Guitar

One of the best guitars in the store!  You will fall in love with the top on this guitar.

photo jul 21, 1 42 40 pm.jpg

Dean RC6 Rusty Cooley Signature

Like new condition! Plays fast with hot pickups.

photo jul 21, 1 51 25 pm.jpg

Series 10 Super Strat

Great condition and plays well. Sounds great.

2020-10-03 10.49.23.jpg

Dean Razorback Limited Diamondplate Electric Guitar

In excellent shape and plays really well.

2021-03-24 15.10.17.jpg

PRS Tremonti w/ Upgraded Tuners & Gigbag

In great shape with upgraded locking tuners.  Gigbag included.

2021-02-13 13.48.13.jpg

Squier Cabronita Tele w/ Bigsby Tremolo

In excellent condition and full of charm. This is a fun guitar to play.

2021-02-03 17.29.33.jpg

Fender Vintera 50's Strat Surf Green

In great condition and plays terrific. Like new, no wear!

2020-12-11 12.12.10.jpg

Ibanez RGA61ALIAF Axion Label 

Electric Guitar

In great condition and plays terrific. 

2020-10-24 11.57.51.jpg

Musicman James Valentine w/ Hardcase

In perfect condition.  Barely been played and includes original hardcase.

Photo May 18, 10 34 53 AM.jpg

Moniker Dixie Custom Guitar

In great condition and a players dream.  Custom built in Austin Texas by Moniker.  

2020-08-17 11.50.06.jpg

PRS 25th Anniversary McCarty Sunburst Guitar w/ Case

One of the best guitars in the store.  You will not be disappointed!

2021-04-01 12.16.00.jpg

Schecter PT Fastback w/ Upgraded Seymour Duncan Pickups

In excellent shape and plays great.  Pickups have been upgraded to Seymour Duncans.

2021-02-24 11.20.34.jpg

80's Peavey Tracer HSS

In good condition and plays really well.

2021-02-13 11.52.34.jpg

Fender Player Lead III Purple Electric

In excellent condition and very comfortable to play.

2021-04-02 11.50.56.jpg

Ibanez RX50 HSS Electric

In great condition and plays terrific. 

2020-12-11 12.10.33.jpg

Fender American Limited Texas Special HSS Strat w/ Case

In great condition with a killer finish!  Hardcase included.

2020-08-03 18.25.19.jpg

Squier Contemporary HH Stratocaster

Great condition however the pick guard is cracked by the tone knob.

Photo May 20, 2 45 51 PM.jpg

Samick Fastback w/ Floyd Rose

In great condition with a Floyd Rose Tremolo.