The Works $130-150

The works includes a complete fret dress and leveling, fret polish, complete setup including truss rod adjustment, string height / action and intonation.  This work will minimize fret buzz, eliminate fret dents and pitting, and improve the overall tone and play-ability of the instrument.  In addition, the whole guitar will be cleaned, and all hardware and controls will be inspected and lubed.  

This is the best option for a guitar that gets played often.  This process will return it to optimal playing condition and give you back  a clean, healthy guitar.

  • Bass, 6 string guitar, or banjo: $10

  • 12 string, mandolin, or locking tremolo: $20

​Standard setup: $40

  • For most instruments.  Add $10 for floating tremolo, or $20 for Floyd Rose tremolo.

  • Includes Restring, adjustment of truss rod, string height (action,) intonation, and light cleaning.

  • Sufficient for newer guitars or instruments that have been set up within 6 months

Custom fit nut or saddle: $60

  • $15 surcharge for brass nut

  • Includes full setup

  • Includes restringing

  • Compensated saddles for proper intonation 

  • Does not include cost of material/blank ($5-15)​

Complete Refret $250-270

  • Does not include fretwire

  • Includes The Works Process

Fretboard Cleaning $20

Fret Polish $30 Cleaning and polishing all frets to their original shine.

Fret Level $85 - Leveling all frets to provide a consistent playing surface (includes Fret Dress)

Fret Dress $60 - Shaving down the ends of the frets to eliminate the sharp edges.

Reglue headstock $100 - Full structural repair, no finish repair.


Repair Acoustic Crack $80 - Full structural repair, no finish repair.


Bridge Reglue $150

Pickup installation: Electric guitar and bass

  • Passive pickups: $35 first pickup plus $15 per additional pickup

  • Active system with replacement pots (EMG for example) : $50


Replace Electronics

  • Replace pot $20

  • Replace 3-way switch $20

  • Replace 5-way switch $25

  • Full rewire $50


Pickup installation: Acoustic guitar

  • $70 – $90 (varies with different systems)


Electronic troubleshooting: $20 and up

Full Amp Tune-up $80

  • A comprehensive inspection of all functions of the amp.

  • Tighten and test all control knobs and switches.

  • Clean and tighten tube sockets as needed

  • Check and adjust bias.

  • Visual inspection of all components.

  • Test with guitar or bass.


Retube and Bias $50​


Replace caps / filters $80

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