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At Firehouse Guitars, nothing gets us more excited than encouraging more people to dive into the world of music. No matter your age, prior experience, or genre preference, we are passionate about curating lesson curriculum designed to drive you forward on your music journey. We have an entire team of professional instructors eager to meet you and teach you what YOU want to learn, not simply a canned lesson plan. Whether you are an aspiring professional or aren’t even sure how to hold an instrument, we are dedicated to providing you top-tier education while having massive amounts of fun doing so!

Our Banjo instructors provide lessons focusing on classic country and bluegrass music.  Beginner students will focus on the fundamentals including chords, simple melodies, music theory, and finger patterns including Clawhammer, and Scruggs Style.  As you progress we will continue to teach you new techniques, and more music theory concepts that will help you understand the music and your instrument even more.  We also like to incorporate popular music to help teach these concepts.  Students are encouraged to present their favorite bands or songs so we can help you learn the music that you love!



  • A community of like-minded musicians, students, and families

  • Professional instructors honored to share their passion and expertise with you

  • Instructor-set goals personally designed for each student's musical journey

  • Options for both 1-on-1 private lessons and group lessons

  • A friendly sales team eager to dive into the nuts and bolts of your next instrument

  • A top-notch service department on-site to keep your instrument in pristine condition



We are proud to employ over a dozen instructors with a variety of teaching experience, performance experience, and degrees. This diverse group of instructors is here to serve you and to make your lesson experience second to none.  Scroll down to read up on our Banjo instructors.


We offer both half-hour and full-hour 1-on-1 private lessons and full-hour group lessons.

  • Full Hour Lessons: $50 Per Class

  • Half Hour Lessons: $25 Per Class

Payment for the full month is due prior to the first lesson of each month. Lesson refunds or credits are not issued unless it is related to an instructor scheduling problem. 


Ukulele Instructors

Banjo Instructors

Click on any instructor photo to learn more about them!

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