Todd Carpenter

Store Manager

I began playing drums when I was 13 years old and quickly fell in love with music and especially music gear!  At age 17 I picked up the guitar and this fueled my gear addiction even more.  Working in music retail is truly a dream job for me as I really enjoy being around the products and interacting with musicians of all kinds each day.  I especially enjoy playing music at my church where I am a worship leader and a youth group leader.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my two little girls and my wife Rachel.  I also am a big NBA fan.  #GoPistons 


I started with Firehouse in 2005 as a salesman and took over the reigns as store manager in March of 2012.  I love working for this company and look forward to coming to work each day.  

Nate Diekema

Assistant Manager

I have been playing guitar since I was 13. I took up drums about two years later. I have since been interested in musical instruments and accessories for the better part of 15 years. I currently enjoy playing drums and writing guitar for my metal band Fear Campaign.


My non musical interests include computers and electronics as well as video games. I currently reside in Holland with my wife Rhiannon. 


I started with Firehouse in 2008 at our Holland location. I have since worked at our warehouse, and now am the assistant manager at our Grandville store.

Tim McGinn


I started playing music at age 12, beginning with cello for my middle school orchestra. Being the edgy teenager that I was I soon snagged my first electric guitar and have stuck with it ever since. I have also expanded on to drums, bass, and synthesizer. I've performed in several punk and improvisational acts, and currently play with the groups Arch-Mage and Action Patterns. Outside of music I do video work as well as being a full-time cat dad.

Mike Golden

Guitar Repair

Born in 1984 and began playing music in the 3rd grade in the Comstock Park School system.  At around age 15 I started teaching myself to play bass guitar which quickly led to 6 string guitar.  Having always been handy and access to a wealth of information through library and internet sources, it wasn't long before I had torn apart and rebuilt every piece of gear I have ever owned.  By around age 20, I was building tube amps, solid state amps, effects, and electric guitars from scratch.  A few short years later I had begun "major surgery" and scratch builds of acoustic instruments.  


An interest in classical and jazz music led me to a few thoroughly enjoyed guitar and music classes at GRCC in my college years.  Those classes have left me with a permanent soft-spot for the classical, nylon-strung guitar.  Always wanting to learn something new, perfect what I already know, and keep up-to-speed with the ever-changing world of music and musical instruments, I could not have asked for a better job or hobby than to be the guitar tech at Firehouse Guitars.

Greg Vanzandt

Amp / Electronic Repair

My wife and I live in Caledonia where my shop is located. I’ve been repairing electronics for a living for over 40 years and have repaired a wide variety of things.  My main interest is guitar amps, music equipment, and especially old tube amps.  An amp is an instrument just like a guitar. There’s a big difference between an amp that simply works and one that is tuned up and sounding it’s best.