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Firehouse Guitars offers private one on one music lessons for a wide range of instruments.  Each instructor has an established curriculum in place which ensures the student will learn all of the essentials of their instrument and have fun doing so.  


What you can expect from taking lessons at Firehouse Guitars.

  • a community of like minded musicians, students, and families

  • instructor set goals for each student encouraging the student to learn and grow as a musician

  • professional instructors whose focus is providing your student with the best experience possible

  • a warm & friendly sales staff who is always ready to serve you

  • a top notch service department to help keep your instrument in excellent condition

Private Lesson Rates:

We offer full-hour lessons at $40 each or half-hour lessons for $20 each. Payment for the month is due at the first lesson of each month in full.  Refunds and credits will not be issued.

We have lessons available for the following instruments:

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We are excited to now offer a new program in which the parent and child can participate in lessons together!  Music is something that brings people together and that holds true for learning together as well.  The Parent/Child lesson program is a special opportunity for parents who want to be directly involved with their child's learning experience.  This also allows a much better resource for the student between lessons as the parent and child can work together.  This is a flexible program in which the parent can be involved as much or for as long as they want. We understand there are children who may gain extra confidence and comfort having their parent learn alongside them.  This involvement can last as little as 1 month of lessons or as long as you want it to.  Firehouse can provide a guitar, during the lesson, for parents who simply want to learn alongside of their child in the beginning or are considering buying their own personal instrument.  


Our original goal for this program was simply to give children a strong start to their lessons, but we've received a lot of positive feedback from parents who love to be able to interact with their child through music.  We've also seen a lot of parents recognize their own passion for playing music signing up for their own separate lessons eventually.  Our parent / child lessons are $30 per half hour and payment for the month is due at the first lesson of each month.

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Steve VanOeveren

Guitar / Ukulele

Eric Boyea

Guitar & Ukulele

Rebekah Graham

Beginner Guitar &


Eric Engblade

Guitar, Banjo, 

Ukulele, & Mandolin


Troy Stansberry

Bass Guitar

Meet The Team