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Used Acoustic Guitars

Come to our new location and see over 200 brand-new acoustics in stock!

All used inventory are available for in-store pickup only and are not for purchase online.  Give us a call at (616)532-3473 or email for more information.

2023-05-12 19.36.39.jpg
Langejans R6 w/ Cedar Creek Hard Case

In excellent condition and includes a really nice Cedar Creek hardcase.

2023-09-20 18.22.55.jpg
Seagull CW Performer Folk QIT
w/ Gigbag

Stunning sound and plays effortlessly.

2023-08-15 15.02.23.jpg
Taylor 214CE Plus
Acoustic - Electric

In excellent condition and includes a deluxe gigbag

2023-09-11 15.16.43.jpg
Takamine GD30CE LH Lefty Acoustic-Electric

In Excellent condition. 

Taylor GS Custom Cocobolo Acoustic w/ Hardcase

In excellent condition with a beautiful Cocobolo back and sides.  Hardcase included.

2023-08-23 19.09.02.jpg
Breedlove Passport Plus D/CMe HH MIK A/E

A lot of letters after the model name. Kinda like this one has a PHD in tone.

2023-09-28 19.11.50.jpg
Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

In Good condition.

This acoustic has lived life on the road .

2023-04-14 17.11.24.jpg
Epiphone MM-30E/AS Left Handed Mandolin

Was originally right handed but was converted.

2023-09-18 18.33.13.jpg
Takamine GN90CEZC Ziricote Acoustic-Electric

In excellent condition and includes Takamine Carrying Bag.

2023-09-15 10.49.38.jpg
Taylor 2015
324 Solid Sepele
w/ Taylor Case

In excellent condition. Sweet warm sound similar to rich mahogany.

2023-09-09 10.09.26.jpg
Dobro Hound Dog
M-14 Resonator


In very good condition. 

2023-08-17 15.33.31.jpg
Hummingbird Artist


In excellent condition. Great playing acoustic.

2023-03-16 19.59.52.jpg
Yamaha NTX5 Classical Guitar w/ Gigbag

In excellent condition and includes a deluxe gigbag.

2023-03-06 19.32.21.jpg
Guild D-120CE Acoustic-Electric w/ bag

In excellent condition. Gigbag included.

2023-05-11 12.15.02.jpg
Ortega OBJ 750 Resonator Banjo w/ Gigbag

In excellent condition and includes gigbag.

2023-06-06 18.02.39.jpg
Langejans R6 w/ Hardshell Case

In excellent condition and plays really well.  Includes original hardcase.

2023-09-12 16.27_edited.jpg
Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster 

In excellent condition and includes a deluxe gigbag

2023-09-09 10.08.44.jpg
Takamine EG561C Acoustic Electric Guitar


In very good condition. 

Yamaha LS-TA Transacoustic w/ Softcase

In great shape and plays well.  Hard sided bag included.

2023-07-15 10.51.53.jpg
Takamine EF360SC w/ Yamaha Hard Case

In excellent condition and includes a hardcase.

2023-08-25 16.36.21.jpg
Martin X-Series
"Cowboy" Acoustic


Autographed by

CF Martin IV at our

In-Store Guitar Clinic

2023-02-13 15.19.53.jpg
Kentucky KM-140 Mandolin

In excellent condition. Plays Well.

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