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USED Amplifiers

Come to our store in Grandville, MI to see all the brand-new gear in stock!

Used inventory is available for in-store pickup only and is not available online. Call (616)532-3473 or email for more information.

Bass Amplifiers

2024-06-15 17.34.26.jpg
$ 229.99
Gallien Krueger
30W Bass Combo 

A huge sound in a small package

2024-07-06 10.53.50.jpg
$ 179.99
Rumble 40
40w Bass Amp

Great for rehearsals and live shows with the built-in direct out feature

TC Electronic BC208 2x8" Bass Cabinet, Black

Excellent lightweight Bass Cabinet.  

Guitar Amplifiers

2024-07-06 11.24.58.jpg
9100 100-watt
All Tube Power Amp

Vintage 90s goodness dripping with Marshall tone and power. 

2024-07-06 11.08.19.jpg
Gator G-Tour AMP212 ATA Combo Amplifier Rolling Case 30" x 14.10" x 23.75"

In like New condition!

2024-07-05 18.57.35.jpg
Positive Grid Spark Mini Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier, 10W, Pearl

In excellent condition.

2024-05-30 14.11.26.jpg
Bassbreaker 15

Tube Combo Amp

Very clean and ready to rock. This is a LOUD 15 watts...

2024-04-30 15.46.38.jpg
London 185
Solid-State Head

Professionally repaired (input jacks) and thoroughly tested.

2024-06-27 11.45.43.jpg
$ 849.99
Mesa Boogie Horizontal Rectifier 2x12 

In excellent shape.

Casters included

2024-05-23 17.10.30.jpg
Tweaker 15
Tube Guitar Head

Completely reconditioned by our expert Amplifier repair service.

2023-07-12 12.17.58.jpg
Crate Blue Voodoo 60 All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

In great condition and sounds incredible.

2024-05-08 16.44.10.jpg
Mustang GTX50

Clean and ready to rock

2024-03-15 14.15.52.jpg
1x12 Cabinet

Perfect for adding another speaker to your existing combo or small amp head.

2023-03-08 13.20.58.jpg
Marshall SV212 2x12 Vertical Guitar Cabinet

In excellent condition.

2024-05-11 09.51.10.jpg
$ 299.99
Bandit 65
with Footswitch

Electronics have been professionally inspected. Solder breaks replaced and other parts replaced.

1971 Fender Super Sonic 4X10 Combo

In great condition and sounds terrific!

Line 6
Firehawk 1500
Combo Amp

In excellent condition and functions perfectly

2024-06-22 11.55.39.jpg
$ 89.99
Mini Go 3 Guitar
Combo Amplifier

Excellent condition.

2024-06-22 11.49.15.jpg
$ 999.99
EVH 5150-III
EL34 Electric Guitar
50w Tube Amp Head

In very good condition. Foot switch included.

2024-07-06 11.29.18.jpg
Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Guitar Combo

A favorite of Greg Koch.

180-watts. Footswitch and Cover included.

2024-07-19 14.17.25.jpg
Positive Grid
Spark 40
Modeling Amplifier

We bought two and one sold before we could list them. A solid, portable amp with Bluetooth!

2023-06-28 11.56.28.jpg
Music Man 210 RD Combo w/ casters and Footswitch

Legendary hybrid combo Amplifier from the arena rock era. 100 watts and about that many lbs.

2024-05-30 17.09.21.jpg
Super Champ XD

The clean channel alone is worth the amp price. Having 16 more tones and effects is even better.

2024-06-27 11.41.19.jpg
Mesa Enginerring
Badlander 50

In excellent condition. Cover and foot switch included.

2024-07-06 11.21.43.jpg
4FS Angled 4x12"
Electric Guitar Cabinet

An incredible value loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s

2024-06-10 15.47.58.jpg
EVH 5150-III
Electric Guitar
Tube Head

In solid working order.

​This is not your average

50-watt head.

2024-01-11 19.02.16.jpg
JazzMaster Ultralight
250 Watts, Black

In good condition with plenty of power!

Bugera 112TS 1X12 Electric Guitar Speaker Cabinet, 80W, Black

In excellent condition and sounds terrific.

2023-04-27 16.17.32.jpg
Blackstar Club 40 Red Ltd Combo Amp

In great condition and functions perfectly.

Fender Blues Deville 212 Combo Amp

In very good condition and sounds terrific!

Super Champ XD

Hybrid Combo Amp

Tube preamp with Analog tone shaping for channel two and digital effects.

1963 Fender Vibrosonic Reverb Combo

A rare classic.  In great shape and sounds incredible!

2024-05-23 17.10.30.jpg
Tweaker 15
Tube Guitar Head

Completely reconditioned by our expert Amplifier repair service.

2024-06-22 11.48.35.jpg
$ 159.99
Champion 50XL
Guitar Combo Amp

Excellent condition.

2024-07-20 10.58.06.jpg
$ 99.99
Troubador 20
Acoustic Amp

This little amp packs a great punch and sound for the size.

Boss Katana 100 MKII Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier, 100W, Black

In excellent condition.

2024-05-17 12.26.48.jpg
Line 6
SpiderValve 212 MkII
w/ FBV Shortboard

Excellent condition.

Preamp tubes replaced and all electronics professionally cleaned.

2024-04-30 15.53.57.jpg
Stereo Chorus 212
Guitar Combo Amp

In good cosmetic condition. Professionally serviced and thoroughly tested. with Footswitch.

2024-06-27 11.40.25.jpg
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier "Multi-Watt" Tube Head, 150W

150 Watts!

Footswitch included.

2024-03-13 12.32.19.jpg
IronHeart Foundry Loudpedal

Is it an amp?

Is it a pedal?

YES! Original packaging included.

2023-03-18 10.14.44.jpg
EVH 5150 III
100 Watt Head
w/ Footswitch

In excellent condition.

100 watts of pure magic!

2023-05-31 17.08.02.jpg
Orange Micro Terror Amp Head

In excellent condition and sounds terrific.

2023-05-27 13.16.41.jpg
Egnater Tweaker 112 Cab w/ Celestion Alnico Gold

In excellent condition and sounds terrific.

2023-03-08 12.43.31.jpg
Mesa Lonestar 2x12 w/ Electro-voice Speakers

In very good condition.

$ 999.99

All electronics have been inspected and leaking capacitors professionally replaced.

Vox V112NT 1X12 Cabinet

In excellent condition and sounds terrific.

Sunn Alpha 210r Combo Amp

Dual 10" speakers and reverb make this an awesome vintage find!

2024-06-17 14.31.48.jpg
$ 99.99
Mustang II 40W
Guitar Combo Amp

In very good condition.

2024-07-16 12.43.14.jpg
$ 69.99
Vypyr 1 15-watt
Modeling Combo Amp

In Very Good condition.

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