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Firehouse Guitars offers group music lessons for a variety of instruments and class sizes can range from 3-7 students.  Each instructor has an established curriculum in place which ensures the students will learn all of the essentials of their instrument and have fun doing so.  



  • a community of like minded musicians, students, and families

  • instructor set goals for each student encouraging the student to learn and grow as a musician

  • professional instructors whose focus is providing your student with the best experience possible

  • a warm & friendly sales staff who is always ready to serve you

  • a top notch service department to help keep your instrument in excellent condition



All of our group lessons are $80 per 4 week class.  All group classes are scheduled in 4 week blocks and payment for the whole class will be required before the first lesson.

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Upcoming Classes:

X32 Mixer Training Class.png

X32 Mixer Training

In this class we will cover:

-Signal Flow

-Naming Channels


-Gates & Compression

-Bus Routing

-Scene and preset saving

This class will teach you how to use the Behringer X32 mixer.  We will focus on signal chain, EQ, routing, and how to save presets and scenes.

Saturdays 10:30-11:20am

Starting September 9th

Thursdays 5-5:50pm

Starting November 2nd

Country Guitar.png

Country Guitar 1

In this class we will cover:​

- Country Double Stops

- What scales work best for country solos

- Popular country licks and techniques.

Do you already have a firm grasp on guitar, but want to get that country twang in your sound?  Country Guitar 1 will give you tricks, tips, and licks that will get you playing killer country guitar parts in no time!

Saturdays 10:30-11:20am

Starting October 21st

Live Sound Mixing.jpg

Live Sound Mixing 1

In this class we will cover:

-Signal Flow

-Mixer Channel Strips

-Gain Staging




-Mixing Techniques and tricks

This class is for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of live sound mixing for church, DJ, or any other live music applications.

Saturdays 12:30-1:20am

Starting September 9th

Thursdays 5-5:50pm

Starting November 2nd


Ukulele 1

In this class we will cover:

-How to tune

-Basic chords

-How to strum / rhythm

-Fun basic songs for uke

Ukulele 1

This class is the perfect introduction to the Ukulele.  We will have a lot of fun while teaching basic chords, strumming, and songs on the Ukulele.

Tuesdays 4:30-5:20pm

Starting September 5th

Fingerstyle Guitar.jpg

Fingerstyle Guitar 1

In this class we will cover:

-Basic fingerpicking patterns

-Beginner chord melodies

-How to play as an ensemble

-Fingerpicking techniques

Do you already know your basic chords and strumming but want to go further?  Let's apply what you know to fingerstyle guitar and start playing as an ensemble!

Thursdays 5-5:50pm

Starting September 7th

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